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Course: Framing Professional Identity

Course Code: PDC514
Credits: 30

The overall purpose of this module is to enable students to recognise the relationship between professional practice and professional identity. As mid-career professionals, this will aid them as they position themselves and challenge their assumptions about the contexts and settings in which they work. In addition to this, the module serves as a foundation for the programme in driving processes of reflection and critical reflexivity, thus encouraging the direct challenge of implicitly held assumptions about research based practice. Across the module, students are encouraged to critically analyse their own contribution to professional practice via analytical yet critical approaches. Through this process students will be facilitated in developing their levels of professional confidence and their ability to articulate the complex and often ambiguous aspects of professional practice that underpin research in the workplace.

The module will introduce the concept of insider research / embedded stance, where they are an integral part of the research landscape they are proposing to investigate. This ability to frame a positional stance will serve to consolidate learning on both subjective and objective levels. It will also enable a clear articulation of possible ‘ways of knowing’ (epistemology) that are both pragmatic and straightforward in approach.

Note: This course is available only through a programme of study.