Tuition Financing Programme
Graduate Programmes

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Get Up to J$1.8M Fully Unsecured To Borrow
Up to 5 years to Repay
Interest Rate: 16.95%

Key Benefits:

  • 48 Hour Approval*
  • Loan Disbursement within 5 business days
  • Pre-approved credit card offer

Loan Checklist:

  • Letter of Employment
  • Last month's pay slip
  • Last six months Bank statement on operating account (account where salary is deposited)
  • TRN Card/Letter (not required if Driver's License is used as ID)
  • Valid Identification
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Purpose - UCC Tuition Invoice
  • External Credit Check form to be signed
  • Proof of monthly living expenses: Last 3 months rent receipts or mortgage status letter; Letter from property owner confirming that you reside rent free (if you don't pay mortgage or rent) and copy of last property tax receipt
  • Proof of all liabilities (last credit card statement and/or statement on loan balances)

*Provided all documents are submitted. Conditions Apply.

Contact Us:
Call or visit our Main Campus:
Office of Special Tuition Financing (Student Financial Services)
17 Worthington Avenue, Kingston 5
Office Lines: 906-3000


You may drop off your documents by UCC and we will scan and email them to Sagicor for you. Provided all documents are submitted, within 48 hours a Sagicor representative will make contact with you.