Programme Officer

Thursday, June 1, 2023

The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced persons to fill the position of:


RESPONSIBILITIES include (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Assist with the development and timely implementation of appropriate undergraduate, graduate and online programmes through-Ensuring that new and prospective participants are provided with accurate and up-to-date information about the institution and its programme offerings.  Promoting the various programmes offered by the institution to different interest groups of employers, employees, and students through participation in school career expositions, etc. Scheduling and implementing information package mailings, and developing database of potential programme candidates, organizing and participating in open house-information sessions for upcoming programmes.
  2. Assist with coordination and facilitation of students support services- application and financial aid process, tutorial scheduling and serve as liaison to University faculty and local and overseas administrative staff.
  3. Assist with managing the flow of university forms and documents, and adherence to university protocols and procedures.
  4. Assist in maintaining frequent communication with the student population (in collaboration with the Programme Coordinator) through emails, memos and / or other notices to update and provide pertinent information to ensure a smooth running operation of the programmes.
  5. Schedule periodic group meetings in conjunction with coordinator (at least at the first session of each new module for Coordinator to introduce lecturer, and clarify any outstanding administrative issues, etc.).  Problems and /or concerns raised by students must be effectively addressed and/or referred to the Coordinator, one of the Vice Presidents, or other relevant personnel for advice or consultations.
  6. Assist in managing the work of the department by
    1. Ensuring the efficient processing of Course and Examination schedules,
    2. Ensuring that texts and other relevant course materials are in sufficient supply and are available and / or prepared on  a timely basis as required for the efficient delivery of the programmes.
    3. Assisting in the preparation and duplication of Examination scripts in liaison with the faculty I  accordance  with documented institutional and academic procedures.
  7. Be familiar with the UCJ Registration and Accreditation, UWI, FIU, UTECH and other partner Universities’ Articulation and Transfer Credit processes.
    1. Assist in counseling students about transfer arrangements, course selection, prerequisites and co-requisites as applicable.
  8. Assist in the preparation of contracts for suitably qualified lecturers/tutors for relevant courses and assist in their proper orientation; assist in ensuring the delivery of prompt service and the maintenance of high educational standards and exemplary teaching quality.
  9. Other duties as may be assigned.


  • Be able to communicate effectively at all levels across the institution both orally and in writing.
  • Be able to communicate with internal and external customers with tact and diplomacy.
  • Must possess good organizational skills, the ability to prioritize, multi-task and meet deadlines.
  • Must have an appreciation of the UCC philosophy and mission
  • Have a high level of initiative, accountability and integrity
  • The ability to work well within a team


  • At least two (2) years working experience in a similar or related capacity
  • A Bachelors Degree in Education or Business Administration
  • A Teacher’s Diploma or related qualification

To apply please email