Vice President for Student Affairs, Enrollment Management and Wellness

Friday, November 4, 2022

Job Summary

University of the Commonwealth Caribbean seeks a Vice President for Student Affairs, Enrollment Management and Wellness (VPSAEMW) to lead high-functioning student affairs, enrollment management and wellness division and continue the work of galvanizing the entire University around meeting enrollment and student success goals and objectives.
Reporting directly to the president of the University, the successful candidate will lead the Recruitment and Enrollment, Student Progression and Engagement, Student Work/Study Program, Health and Well-being, Student Activities and Career Services. Working closely with students from the pre-inquiry stage to graduation and post-graduation plans with the goal of improving enrollment and retention and creating the strongest possible student academic profile for the University. The vice president will formulate, execute, and continuously evolve a transparent, collaborative and cutting-edge enrollment management and retention strategy that stems from and is tied to the mission, goals, and evolving strategic plan of the University. Oversight of student affairs, including student life, career services, and student activities as well as serving as the catalyst for further integration of student health and wellness functions that support student learning, well-being, and success is also the responsibility of this individual.
Major Duties & Responsibilities include: 

  • Provide leadership for the following units: student affairs, admissions, financial aid, student orientation, health and wellness, and counseling and psychological services. Foster participation of students in the administration of the institution, enhance the capacities of young people to participate in societal processes, provide spaces and opportunities to increase participation, and other areas as assigned.
  • Oversee a comprehensive enrollment process including recruitment, engagement, admission, orientation, and retention.
  • Oversee areas related to student affairs and the quality of student life and success on campus. 
  • Monitor workload of staff to maintain effectiveness and achieve enrollment and student success goals.
  • Collaborate with other offices on campus to achieve enrollment and student success goals.
  • Positively promote the University to both internal and external entities.
  • Interpret and administer all undergraduate and graduate admission policies.
  • Develop and implement revisions to admissions policies and operations, as appropriate.
  • Work with the Marketing division to develop and coordinate marketing publications and implement outreach strategies for undergraduate, graduate and international student recruitment. Provide university offices with appropriate admissions and retention-related data in coordination with the Office of the Registrar and other related offices.
  • Prepare and monitor divisional budget and all resource allocations and expenditures
  • Establish and monitor annual office objectives and target admission of new students for the Office of Vice President for the recruitment of students. This includes objectives developed for the recruitment of underrepresented students.
  • Develop, conduct, and assess professional staff services and training programs.
  • Incorporate "best practices" into all aspects of student life and enrollment initiatives.
  • Apply for grants and oversee grant-funded projects as appropriate.

Minimum Qualifications

A terminal degree is required.

The candidate must have a clear understanding of student affairs and must have demonstrated the ability to positively affect student life, as well as improvement of retention, persistence, and graduation rates.  He or she must show success in working with student groups, coordinating judicial proceedings, and effectively managing housing personnel.

The successful candidate will be student-centered and will possess analytical, statistical, and technological depth and a proven capacity for embedding enrollment decisions within institutional values and aspirations.
The new VPSAEMW will demonstrate a history of progressively responsible leadership and supervisory experience with oversight of multiple functions impacting enrollment and student affairs.
The candidate must have significant experience with and knowledge of enrollment management best practices and a demonstrated record of success in achieving undergraduate enrollment projections and growth through execution of a marketing plan, implementing recruitment strategies, and leveraging student financial aid and scholarship initiatives utilizing a data-driven approach. The candidate must also have an understanding and demonstrated record of successful practices in international student recruitment.  

The successful candidate will possess interpersonal skills to communicate effectively orally and in writing with a variety of constituencies to facilitate teamwork among staff and in committees and to foster collaboration with high schools and community colleges. The vice president must have a record of collaborative leadership and managerial experience.

The candidate must possess a leadership record which demonstrates a strong commitment to diversity and the decision-making ability appropriate for policy formation, enrollment management planning, and identifying strategies for the future.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Doctoral degree preferred.
  • Experience working with Student Enterprise Systems
  • National or Regional Visibility
  • Experience and Track Record in working Schools/College Partnerships and Engagements
  • Knowledge and understanding of Education Advisory Board’s Predictive Analytics
  • Exposure to diverse universities and or colleges
  • Knowledge of wellness trends and an ability to effectively lead a contemporary model of wellness.
  • Experience with wellness-related services in a college or university setting.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of student engagement and student satisfaction measures.

Supplemental Information

Application: Candidates should submit a cover letter and resume/CV to UCC at Applicants should address all the essential qualifications in their cover letters. 

Non-Discrimination Statement

The University does not discriminate in employment.

To apply please email