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Business Development Officer - CED

Monday, March 13, 2023

The Business Development Officer assists the Director of Corporate Education with the development and execution of the departmental and organizational growth strategy while observing UCC policy and guidelines. The focus includes the research and development of markets for new business initiatives, managing projects, identifying opportunities to achieve targeted growth projections, and maintaining relationships.

The candidate is motivated, able to work with minimum supervision, appreciates coaching, and adds to the Corporate Education strategy by preparing financial projections, writing value and not price based proposals, coordinating on-time submissions, driving negotiations, accelerating the contract preparation, and signing for win-win partnerships. Analytic, problem-solving, project management and strong interpersonal skills will support the candidate to address the competing priorities of various partners and stakeholders while adhering to timelines.

The position is based in Kingston however requires the engagement of stakeholders within and beyond geographical borders.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Includes the following but not limited to):

  1. Business Development
    1. Collaborate with Corporate Education team strategy and participate in related activities
    2. Identify and respond to Request for Proposals, Quotes, and Information globally
    3. Conduct market research, programme development and delivery activities
    4. Source, gather, and analyze data in support of Corporate Education strategy and in response to Requests for Information from external stakeholders
    5. Develop Project Initiatives and Projections for review to the Director
    6. Initiate Relationships with Other Organizations
    7. Prepare MOUs for review by UCC legal officer
    8. Operate in respect of established Funds and Budgets
    9. Generate and deliver Program Reports and Presentations
    10. Support the accuracy of information by regularly preparing newsletters, web content, and updates for publication.
    11. Develop Partnerships and Cultivate Support with UCC stakeholders.
    12. Execute projects under guidelines of the relevant offices and officials, observing UCC policy and guidelines.
    13. Identify opportunities to innovate existing processes to create early to market solutions.
    14. Initiate planning and execution activities to create opportunities at various meetings, and events within the community of UCC, its corporate clients and educational partners.
    15. Develop policy documents and guidelines for UCC, Clients and Partners related to the programme or project.
    16. Coordinate activities to expand the institutions brand by planning and executing various events, meetings and activities within client organizations and related communities.
    17. Submit plan and budget for projects, and other initiatives for approval to the Director of Corporate Education.
    18. Identify and source External Financing.
  2. Corporate Programmes
    1. Identify prospective clients and lead the customer acquisition, verified by assigned and renewable agreement.
    2. Identify potential partners and support the negotiation toward partnership process.
    3. Represent the objectives of corporate clients within the framework of UCC policy and guidelines to identify win-win solutions.
    4. Develop Partnerships and Cultivate Support among Client stakeholders.
    5. Executing projects under guidance of respect offices and officials, observing client’s corporate policy and guidelines.
    6. Identify shifts in industry regulations for the development of curricula and the creation of new programmes
    7. Support the development of curricula where applicable
    8. Develop policy documents and guidelines for Clients and their Partners related to the relevant initiative
    9. Organizing programs, projects and related activities observing UCC policy and guidelines.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or another relevant field.
  • 5-plus years of experience in sales, business development or account management required with proven results of having cultivated or expanding business relationships over time.
  • Experience engaging with the senior management and leadership executives within an organization required.
  • Sales training or certification is an asset.
  • Project Management training or certification is an asset.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Effective presentation skills.

To apply please email