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Vice President of Institutional Advancement/Executive Director for UCCF

Monday, November 7, 2022

Direct Supervision of Fundraising and Annual Giving, Corporate Education, Business Development and Consulting, Partnership and Franchising, Marketing, UCC Foundation, and Alumni Affairs


The Vice President of Institutional Advancement/ED for UCCF is a highly visible senior leadership role, focusing on enhancing the University’s positive involvement in the service area, resulting in expanded opportunities for faculty, staff and students to increase external visibility, relationships and activities. As an office, the Institutional Advancement division serves the University by promoting understanding of its people, programs, policies and needs, resulting in securing adequate public and private support essential to the fulfillment of its mission. Core leadership responsibilities include support of revenue initiatives developed in collaboration with the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC), strengthening the University’s role with various private and public entities, building regional and national relationships with associations, other institutions, and systems. The Vice President provides strategic and operational oversight to the Office of Institutional Advancement, comprised of Public/University Relations, Fundraising, Annual Giving, Capital Campaigns, Trust Services, Alumni Affairs, Marketing, UCC Foundation, Corporate Education, Business Development and Consulting and Partnerships and Franchising.

Responsibilities and Duties (including but not limited to)

  1. Strategic Planning and Support 
    Serve as a member of the President’s Cabinet and collaborates with other members in the assessment, development, and implementation of institutional initiatives, policies, and procedures.
  2. Coordinate plans and facilitates division team operational and planning meetings.
  3. Confer with the President and UCC Foundation Board to determine the strategic, capital, and annual needs of the institution.
  4. Through cross-university collaboration, facilitate and ensure the development and sustainment of the University institutional advancement plans.
  5. Develop and sustain positive working relationships with local government elected officials, administrators, and agency contacts. Communicate with local and international elected officials about the University, local and international services and programs, and make recommendations for how the University can support and benefit from these programs.  

Public/University Relations

  1. Responsible for supervising the overall media presence and brand awareness of the University within various communication platforms.
  2. Coordinate with the marketing team to promote the brand image on social platforms and reach the target audience by creating engaging content and digital assets. Identify brand endorsers, such as models and celebrities, if the budget permits, to grow more customers and meet the public demands.
  3. Monitor the sales performance and transactions within the University and adjusts PR plans as needed.

Fundraising, Outreach Programme, Cooperate Social Responsibility

  1. Provide strategic leadership for Annual Outreach Programme, Fundraising and Annual Giving, Cooperate Social Responsibility and Capital Campaigns.
  2. The fundraising portfolio will be responsible for building good relationships with prospective donors and clients across multiple sectors, communicating with the broader public and internal teams, delegating tasks, and drawing up plans to ensure annual targets are met.
  3. Responsible for a comprehensive annual fund raising strategic plan to achieve unrestricted and restricted financial goals.
  4. Include setting and achieving goals for donor upgrades, retention, and acquisition; and analyzing and utilizing data to make decisions about growth opportunities and resource deployment.
  5. Lead the successful project management of programmes and events to generate funding which includes the creation of marketing campaigns geared at target audiences.
  6. Work with volunteers and collaborate with Advancement staff to lead annual giving solicitations, including micro-campaigns and special appeals,
  7. Lead acknowledgement and stewardship, and work toward a multi-year plan to increase annual giving support (both in dollars and participation percentages) from several constituencies’ alumni and corporate entities or groups.

UCC Foundation and Trust Services

Serve as Executive Director of the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean Foundation (UCCF) to establish and grow endowments, professorships, sponsorships, and impactful scholarships to students who are challenged, among others.

  • Administration
    Directs the process and procedures required at set up of any new trusts or charitable gift annuities. 
  1. Collaborate with the legal counsel with the transfer of assets into their trust through proper legal titling, and collecting documentation to support all such transfers.
  2. On a regular basis, reviews the individual estate plans with trustors.
  3. Communicate with the estate planning attorney in order to accomplish any needed/requested changes to the legal plan of trustors.
  4. Work with trustors to keep a current list of their assets on file, again collecting documentation to support all transfers into trust.
  5. Follow through on any requests for assistance that come up related to trustors and annuitants and their estate plans.
  6. Oversee maintenance and choice of software used for fundraising and trust accounting.
    Prepare all reporting needed for tax purposes for administration.
  7. Direct the very detailed and time-consuming process of closing an estate when necessary.
    Oversees the creation, maintenance and office use of a checklist system for all events requiring multiple tasks to bring project to completion.
  8. Oversee the preparation of minutes for the UCCF and its committees.
  9. Maintain current UCCF Certification standing by fulfilling all continuing requirements.


Oversees a formal stewardship process for donors members to include, but is not limited to, coordinating and implementing an appropriate welcome process, annual event, newsletter, UCCF annual report, visits, and touch points throughout the year such as sending birthday/sympathy cards, holiday card/gift, courtesy cards, etc. Travels when necessary to visit donors/trustors/annuitants.

Alumni Affairs

  1. Assist in the governance on the Alumni Association.
  2. Join at least one committee and actively participate in project/program planning and execution.
  3. Participate in annual strategic planning retreats – assist in setting short and long-term Association goals.
  4. Participate in policy development, program planning and implementation.
  5. Promote Alumni Association events and encourage other alumni to attend.
  6. Officially represent the Alumni Association at special University events when asked, if possible.
  7. Serve as an ambassador for the Association and the University.
  8. Recruit new members to Board of Directors and alumni volunteers/consultants to assist with specific alumni projects.
  9. Support the professional staff within the Alumni Relations Office.


  1. Provide strategic direction and oversight for a comprehensive and cohesive approach to marketing, advertising, interactive media, brand strategy, public relations planning, and associated products.
  2. Ensure and demonstrate that the mission and vision of the university are appropriately represented, and all strategies are designed to positively impact enrollment, strengthen community outreach, and to raise financial and community support and advocacy for the university.
  3. Collaborate with university senior leadership to ensure that all marketing and communications efforts are relevant, timely, and aligned with the strategic initiatives of the University and represented departments.

Partnership and Franchising

  1. Monitor and improve franchise/license frameworks to minimize problems and improve future agreements.
  2. Continuously train and support franchisees/licensees to drive growth and performance.
  3. Visit partner campuses on a continuing basis, as required, to review business plans, curriculum development and technology updates.
  4. Provide accessibility through remote support in collaboration with other University divisions.


  • Earned doctorate preferred from an accredited higher education institution in a discipline aligned to the institutional advancement function.
  • Master’s degree with at least seven (7) years’ experience in a senior institutional advancement and fundraising position.
  • Experience with management responsibility for marketing and institutional advancement in a higher education environment.
  • Administrative experience demonstrating the ability to lead a major division in an academic institution.
  • Ability to effectively articulate the mission and vision of the University to donors and link their value proposition to the values proposition of the University.
  • Excellent spoken and written communication skills.
  • Outstanding marketing skills with proven results.

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