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Professional Organizations, Clubs & Societies

Professional Organizations, Clubs and Societies are dedicated to developing quality students. The UCC currently has a host of functional clubs and societies that are designed to suit your varied tastes and interests. We take pride in nurturing students so that they will leave the University equipped for the world of work; through their various planned activities, students are exposed to outreach, advocacy, sports and a host of other disciplines.

You can see the list of existing clubs here.

Not seeing a club that you would like to join? Please contact the Department of Student Support to discuss the formation of a new club. All you need are ten (10) other students who share your interests. We look forward to hearing from you!


To be registered and officially recognized and supported as a UCC Club/Society, a proposal must be submitted to the Department of Student Support (DSS) for review and approval within five (5) business days of submission.  A copy of the signed proposal will be retained by the DSS.

The proposal must clearly outline the:

  1. Vision/mission and the objectives
  2. Names and offices of interim leadership (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) and responsibilities
  3. Names, student ID numbers and contact detail for at least fifteen (15) students (four (4) executive and ten (11) non-executive) who are ready to be members of the club/society
  4. An affiliated member of staff (admin or faculty) to serve as an advisor/supervisor to the Executive Body
  5. Target groups (interest, modality, location)
  6. Affiliation to a UCC programme of studies/Department, if applicable
  7. At least three (3) planned activities for the first semester, one of which must be an identified semesterly event or an outreach activity. Scheduled meetings are not considered an event.
  8. Proposed scheduled meeting dates
  9. Clubs/Societies Code of Conduct, Sanction and Appeal Process for their members

All Clubs and Societies MUST be in compliance with the Clubs & Societies Terms of Reference for continuity.