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Early Registration In Progress: IMPORTANT ADVISORY: Registration for Fall 2023 - Associate

Date Published: 
July 27, 2023

Dear Students, 

The Academic and Student Affairs Unit has implemented a new standard operating procedure (SOP) whereby students are now required to submit their Course Registration Form (CRF) using their campus or program-specific Student Registration Request Form (SRRF). We are currently in the Early Registration period, July 16 - August 14, 2023, you are encouraged to seek academic advice early. Seeking academic advice early does NOT require you to pay for the courses immediately. Connect with your Academic Advisor to discuss your course selections and your roadmap (Curriculum Map) to complete your degree.



The University of the Commonwealth Caribbean no longer accepts the submissions of Course Registration Forms via email or in person. The new Student Registration Request Form (SRRF) method captures pertinent data that is being used in analyzing the registration process. Accepting CRFs via email or in person will invalidate the data collected via the new process. Any student who attempts to submit their CRF via email or in person will be redirected to use the appropriate instructions hyperlinked in blue below OR to follow the instructions outlined in the email sent from Student Affairs entitled: IMPORTANT ADVISORY: Registration for Fall 2023 - Associate.

Course Selection & Academic Advisement

In seeking academic advisement, kindly complete the appropriate  Student Registration Request Form (SRRF) by clicking the link that is applicable to your program.

1. ASc. in Business Student Registration Request Form (SRRF)
2. ASc. in Information Technology Student Registration Request Form (SRRF)
3. ASc. in  Paralegal Student Registration Request Form (SRRF)
4. Asc. in Tourism & Hospitality Management Student Registration Request Form (SRRF)

Academic advising presents an opportunity for a one-on-one relationship between you and your Academic Advisor.  Effective academic advice can positively impact your academic success. As a University of the Commonwealth Caribbean student, you should feel confident that you have access to Academic Advisors to discuss your academic and career plans. You should also have confidence in the knowledge and expertise of your Academic Advisors in providing accurate guidance in the design of an academic program and selection of specific courses.  Academic advice allows Academic Advisors the opportunity to play a key role in monitoring your academic progress and encouraging good academic performance.

It is very helpful to regularly meet with your Academic Advisor to ensure you are on track for graduation. Kindly use the Student Help Desk Directory to identify your Academic Advisor and make contact with him/ her in order to successfully complete your campus or program-specific Student Registration Request Form.

Wishing you a successful academic experience.